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Baby Names
Daania Beautiful Hindu
Dadhija Daughter Hindu
Daevaki Wife of Vasudeva, The mother of Lord Krishna Hindu
Daevi Goddess, The Diety Hindu
Daevika Minor deity, Goddess Hindu
Daevikaaraani Queen of Goddess Hindu
Dahab Gold Hindu
Dahlia Flower name Hindu
Daivya divine Hindu
Daksa talented, perfect Hindu
Daksha the earth, Sati, wife of Shiva Hindu
Dakshakanya Able Hindu
Dakshata skill Hindu
Dakshayani Goddess Durga Hindu
Dakshina A Hindu
Dalaja Produced Hindu
Dalbir The brave soldier Hindu
Dalileh Clear and bright way Hindu
Daljeet The conqueror of forces Hindu
Damayanti Nala's wife, Beautiful Hindu
Damini lightning Hindu
Damyanti Nala's wife, Beautiful Hindu
Dana Wise Hindu
Daneen Princess Hindu
Danielle Judged only by GOD, Feminine of Daniel Hindu
Danita God is my judge Hindu
Daniyah Closer, Nearer Hindu
Danna To give , Gift Hindu
Daphne Laurel Tree Hindu
Darika maiden Hindu
Darlene Tenderly Beloved Hindu
Darpali Proud Hindu
Darpana a mirror Hindu
Darpanika A Hindu
Darsana Seeing, Sight Hindu
Darsha Impression Hindu
Darshana Seeing, Sight Hindu
Darshini The one who blesses Hindu
Darshita Good Morning, Sight Hindu
Darshni The one who blesses Hindu
Darshwana pure of heart Hindu
Darya Sea Hindu
Davida Feminie of David Hindu
Dawa Born on a Monday Hindu
Dawn Breaking of Day Hindu
Daya kindness Hindu
Dayamayee kind Hindu
Dayamayi Gracious Hindu
Dayanita tender Hindu
Dayita beloved Hindu
Debanshi Deva ansh Hindu
Debi Goddess Hindu
Deborah The Bee Hindu
Dechen Health and happiness Hindu
Deeba silk Hindu
Deeksha Instigation Hindu
Deekshita Ambitious Hindu
Deema Rainy Cloud Hindu
Deepa light Hindu
Deepabali row of lamps Hindu
Deepakala evening time (time to light lamps) Hindu
Deepal Bright Hindu
Deepali Row of lamps, Collection of lamps Hindu
Deepali-d Row of lamps Hindu
Deepamala row of lamps Hindu
Deepana Illuminating Hindu
Deepanjali Offering by lighting lamps in worship Hindu
Deepanwita lit by lamps Hindu
Deepaprabha fully lighted Hindu
Deepashikha flame Hindu
Deepavali row of lamps Hindu
Deepavati a raagini which is a hybrid of Deepak & Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Deepika a lamp Hindu
Deepinder Light of God Hindu
Deepitha Illuminated Hindu
Deepmala Row of lamps Hindu
Deepshika Brightness Of Lamp Flame Hindu
Deepshikha Flame Hindu
Deepta shining Hindu
Deeptha Luster Hindu
Deepti flame, lustre Hindu
Deeptikana a beam of light Hindu
Deeptimayee Lustrous Hindu
Deeptimoyee lustrous Hindu
Deeta Goddess lakshmi Hindu
Deetya Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Deirdre Sorrow Hindu
Delaram Quiet-hearted Hindu
Delilah Pining with Desire Hindu
Delisha Happy & make others happy Hindu
Denali Great One Hindu
Denise Form of Dennis Hindu
Des Country Hindu
Deshika Independent Hindu
Deshna Gift Hindu
Desiha Happy , Lemon Hindu
Desiree Desired Hindu
Desna Giving Hand Hindu
Deva Celestial Spirit Hindu
Devadarshini Blessed by Goddess Hindu
Devagiri Name of a raga Hindu
Devahuti daughter of Manu Hindu
Devak divine Hindu
Devak Wife of Vasudeva, The mother of Lord Krishna Hindu
Devakali name of a Indian Music raagini Hindu
Devakanya Celestial Hindu
Devaki mother of Lord Krishna Hindu
Devakiri name of a raagini Hindu
Devalatha Divine Hindu
Devalekha Celestial Hindu
Devamati Godly minded, Virtuous Hindu
Devamayi Devine Hindu
Devangana celestial maiden Hindu
Devangi Like a goddess Hindu
Devani Shining Celestial Goddess Hindu
Devanshi Heavenly Hindu
Devapriya Lovable Girl , Dear to the God Hindu
Devashree Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful girl Hindu
Devashri Goddess Lakshmi, yagya, divine beauty, Beautiful girl Hindu
Devasmitha With Hindu
Devasree divine beauty, Beautiful girl Hindu
Devasri Beautiful girl Hindu
Deven Like A God Hindu
Deveshi Goddess Durga Hindu
Devi Goddess, The Diety Hindu
Devika mother of Krishna, Minor deity, Goddess Hindu
Devikarani Queen of Goddess Hindu
Devina Resembling Hindu
Devindar The king of gods Hindu
Devinder The king of gods Hindu
Devishi Goddess Durga Hindu
Devkanya Celestial Girl Hindu
Devki Goddess Name Hindu
Devmani Precious Stone Hindu
Devna Godly Hindu
Devya Devine Hindu
Devyani daughter of Shukraacharya Hindu
Dewanshi Divine Hindu
Dhana Wealthy Hindu
Dhanadeepa Lord of Wealth Hindu
Dhanadhanyaki Born to be prosperous Hindu
Dhanalakshmi Doddess Hindu
Dhanapriya Doved by wealth Hindu
Dhanashree beauty Hindu
Dhanashri a raga, Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Dhani Wealth Hindu
Dhanishta a star Hindu
Dhanshri Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Dhanvanti Big asset , wealthy girl Hindu
Dhanvi Money Hindu
Dhanya great Hindu
Dhanyata success, fulfillment Hindu
Dhara the earth Hindu
Dharamleen One absorbed in righteousness Hindu
Dharani the earth Hindu
Dharini earth Hindu
Dharitri the earth Hindu
Dhariya Brave Hindu
Dharmini Religious Hindu
Dharmishta Lord in dharma Hindu
Dharmista Confident , Honest Hindu
Dharnitha World Hindu
Dharti The earth Hindu
Dhatri Goddess Parvati Hindu
Dheeptha Hindu Goddess Name Lakshmi Hindu
Dheera Brave , Bold Hindu
Dheiva Chelvi Gift Of God , Blessed Girl Hindu
Dheiva Selvi Gift Of God , Blessed Girl Hindu
Dhemira Devotee of Lord Krishna Hindu
Dhimahi Intelligent Hindu
Dhiraja born of tolerance Hindu
Dhitha Daughter Hindu
Dhithi Thought, Hindu
Dhlriti Valor Hindu
Dhriti Patience , Willpower Hindu
Dhrivika Fastened Hindu
Dhriya Fortitude Hindu
Dhruti Active Hindu
Dhruva unshakeable the Pole Star Hindu
Dhruvangi Star Hindu
Dhruvi Firmly fixed Hindu
Dhruvika Fastened Hindu
Dhruvita Firmly fixed Hindu
Dhuha Forenoon Hindu
Dhun Tune Hindu
Dhuthi Spleandour, Hindu
Dhuti Grandness Hindu
Dhvani sound Hindu
Dhwani sound, voice, Melody Hindu
Dhyana Meditation Hindu
Diana Divine, Virgin Goddess Hindu
Diane Virgin Goddess Hindu
Didda Didda Rani was one of the celebrated queens and ruler of Kashmir Hindu
Digambari Goddess Durga Hindu
Diki Healthy and wealthy Hindu
Diksha initiation Hindu
Dikshya Origination Hindu
Diksitha Initiation Hindu
Dilber lover Hindu
Dilraj Ruler of Hearts Hindu
Dilshad happy Hindu
Dina Love Hindu
Dipali Row of lamps, Collection of lamps Hindu
Dipasha Brightness of the lamp light Hindu
Dipashri Bright Hindu
Dipika Lamp, a little light Hindu
Dipti Brightness, Lustre, Flame Hindu
Disha direction Hindu
Dishi Leadership Hindu
Dishita Focus Hindu
Diti wife of the sage Kashyap Hindu
Divena Blessing Hindu
Divija Born in heaven Hindu
Divya divine lustre Hindu
Divyana Divine Hindu
Divyanshi Part of divine power Hindu
Divyashree Spiritual light Hindu
Divyasri Spiritual light Hindu
Diya Lamp, Light Hindu
Dohna A female deity Hindu
Dolie Beautiful, Doll-like Hindu
Dolkar The name of a Buddhist Goddess Hindu
Dolores From the Virgin Mary Hindu
Dominica The Lord's Hindu
Dominique Belonging to God Hindu
Donna Lady or Mistress Hindu
Donya Lady of the house Hindu
Dora A Gift Hindu
Doris Of the Sea Hindu
Dorothy Gift of God Hindu
Dorri Gift Hindu
Dory Golden haired Hindu
Doyel a songbrid Hindu
Drashti Eyesight Hindu
Draupadi wife of the Pandavas Hindu
Drisana Bron from the sun Hindu
Drishti Focus, Eyesight Hindu
Drishya Sight Hindu
Drishyana Knowledgeable Hindu
Dristi Focus, Eyesight Hindu
Driti Patience , Willpower Hindu
Drooti Softened Hindu
Drucilla Dewey Eyes Hindu
Druthi Softened Hindu
Druti Polite Girl Hindu
Dua Prayer Hindu
Duha Forenoon Hindu
Dulari dear Hindu
Durba sacred grass Hindu
Durga succour, Goddess Durga, Parvati Devi Hindu
Durgesh Goddess Durga Hindu
Durgeshwari Goddess Durga Hindu
Durgha Goddess Durga, Parvati, Devi Hindu
Durva sacred grass Hindu
Dwani Power of speech Hindu
Dwipavati river Hindu
Dyumna Glorious Hindu
Dyuthi Brightness Of The Sun Hindu
Dyuti Light Hindu
Daima Always Arabic
Dalal Treated Or Touched In A Kind And Loving Way Arabic
Damali Beautiful Vision Arabic
Danish Knowledge, Science, Learning Arabic
Dara Compassionate Arabic
Daya A Bird Arabic
Dayeah A Bird Arabic
Deena Judge Arabic
Dhuha Forenoon Arabic
Dilaram Quiet Hearted Arabic
Dilkash Fascinating, Attractive Arabic
Dina Judge Arabic
Duaa Prayer To God Arabic
Duha Forenoon Arabic
Dunya World Arabic
Durrdana Pearl Arabic
Durri A Sparkling Star Glittering Like A Gem Arabic
Durrishahwar Royal Pearl Arabic
Durriyyah Brilliant, Glittering Arabic
Dalmeet Team Friend Sikh
Darpreet Love For GodS Door Sikh
Davinder Na Sikh
Debjit One Who Has Conquered Gods Sikh
Deen Meek, Humble Sikh
Deep The Lamp Of Light Sikh
Desa Na Sikh
Devjeet One Who Has Conquered Gods Sikh
Devpreet Love For God Sikh
Dhan Wealth Sikh
Dhann The Blessed One Sikh
Dharamjyot Light Of Righteousness And Virtues Sikh
Dharampreet Love For OneS Faith Sikh
Dharamsheel Holy, Religious, Pious Sikh
Dharat Earth Sikh
Dhaya Kindness, Compassion Sikh
Dhhan The Fortunately Blessed One Sikh
Dhianjot Enlightened By Meditation Sikh
Dhin Day Sikh
Dhoop Incense, Sunlight Sikh
Didar Sign Or View Sikh
Dil Heart, Within Sikh
Dilbaag The One With A Blossoming Heart Sikh
Dilbaagh Blossoming Heart, Within Sikh
Dilpreet Of OneS Liking, Pleasing To The Heart Sikh
Din Day Sikh
Disai Seem Sikh
Dit Given Sikh
Divjot Divine Light Sikh
Door Far, Away Sikh
Danelle God Is My Judge Biblical
Dani My Judge Biblical
Danica Morning Star Biblical
Dara Compassionate Biblical
Dava Beloved Biblical
Deana As Dina -God Has Judged Biblical
Debbie Derives From Deborah Biblical
Debby Derives From Deborah Biblical
Debra Derives From Deborah Biblical
Deena Valley (From Dinah) Biblical
Delila Hair Or Poor Biblical
Dena Valley Or Vindicated Biblical
Derora Running Streams Biblical
Devorah Honey Bee Biblical
Devorit Form Of Deborah Biblical
Diza Joyous Biblical
Dagan Grain Of Corn Hebrew
Denna Glen, Valley Hebrew
Dinah Judgment Hebrew
Dalmar Versatile African
Damisi Cheerful African
Dayo Joy Arrives African
Deka Pleasing African
Delu The Only Girl African
Diara Gift African
Diata Lion African
Doli Doll African
Dumi The Inspirer African
Darice Queenly Persian
Damita Baby Princess Spanish
Desi Desire Spanish
Dorinda Talented Spanish
Duena Protect The Companion Spanish
Dulce Sweet Spanish
Dulcea Sweet Spanish
Dulcinea Sweet Spanish
Dame Lady German
Delia Form Of Adelaide German
Derica Beloved Leader German
Dian From God Of Wine German
Didrika Leader Of The People German
Daisy Daisy Flower American
Dakota American Tribal Name American
Darena Famous And Loved American
Datherine Beloved Virgin American
Daveigh Beloved American
Day Light And Hope American
Deandra Derived From Diana American
December Month Name American
Dee Initial D American
Deliz From Dean And Liz American
Delora Of Sorrow American
Denim Strong Cloth American
Denver Green Valley American
Deon Divine Queen American
Dericia Athletic American
Diandra Rare And Divine Flower American
Dillian Combination Of Dillon And Gillian American
Dimaia Daughter Of Maia American
Dolly Cute Child American
Donoma Sight Of The Sun American
Dorie The Sea American
Dreama Joyous Music American
Dru Manly, Courageous American
Dyani Deer American
Dante Lasting Latin
Deanna Divine, Valley Latin
Deanne Divine Latin
Decima The Tenth Latin
Delfina Dolphin Latin
Delores Derived From Dolores Latin
Dex Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
Dextra Flexible, Able-Bodied Latin
Diane Celestial Hunter Latin
Diella Worshipper Of God Latin
Donnica Lady Latin
Dulcina Rose Latin
Dyan Derived From Diane Latin
Dyanne Derived From Diane Latin
Dalia A Branch, Bough Greek
Dalila Water Bearer Greek
Damalis One Who Gentles Greek
Damaris Gentle, Mild Greek
Damia Goddess Of Forces Of Nature Greek
Daria Affluent, Wealthy Greek
Dasha Gift Of God Greek
Dea Goddess Greek
Della Of The Nobility Greek
Delphina Little Flower Greek
Delphine From The Flower Greek
Delta Mouth Of A River Greek
Demeter Lover Of The Earth Greek
Demetra Goddess Of Fertility Greek
Demetria Goddess Of Fertility Greek
Demi Half, Small Greek
Desdemona Of The Devil Greek
Desma Pledge, Bond Greek
Despina Young Lady, Miss Greek
Dessa Roaming Greek
Dianne Celestial Hunter Greek
Diantha Divine Flower Greek
Dianthe Flower Of The Gods Greek
Dion God Of Wine And Revelry Greek
Dorcas A Gazelle Greek
Dore A Gift Greek
Dori Gift Greek
Doria Derived From Dorian Greek
Dorian From The Sea Greek
Dorothea Derived From Dorothy Greek
Dot Gift Of God Greek
Dotty Gift Of God Greek
Drea Courageous Greek
Drew Manly And Courageous Greek
Dunixi God Of Wine Greek
Dysis Sunset Greek
Dallon From Dale, A Valley English
Damara Fertility Goddess English
Darcie Of The Dark English
Darla Dear, Loved One English
Dayton Bright And Sunny Town English
Devon Poet English
Devona Protector English
Diamond Brilliant Gem English
Duff Baker English
Dunne Brown English
Dusty Derived From Dustin English
Dallas Wise Celtic/Gaelic
Dallin From The Dale Celtic/Gaelic
Daray Dark Celtic/Gaelic
Darby Free Man Celtic/Gaelic
Darcy Dark One Celtic/Gaelic
Darian Derived From Darin Celtic/Gaelic
Davan Fem. A Form Of David Celtic/Gaelic
Davina Beloved Celtic/Gaelic
Deidra Wanderer Alt. To Dierdre Celtic/Gaelic
Deirdra Sorrowful, Wanderer Celtic/Gaelic
Del Short For Names Beginning With Del Celtic/Gaelic
Delaine Descendent Of The Challenger Celtic/Gaelic
Delaney EnemyS Child Celtic/Gaelic
Derby From The Village Of Danes Celtic/Gaelic
Derry Red-Head Celtic/Gaelic
Dorsey Derived From Dorset Celtic/Gaelic
Dympna Patron Saint Of The Mentally Ill Celtic/Gaelic
Daniela Form Of Danielle Italian
Domani Tomorrow Italian
Donatella Beautiful Gift Italian
Dai Great Japanese
Dacey Southerner Irish
Dacia Form Of Dacey Irish
Darci Dark Irish
Devan Poet Irish
Devin Poet Irish
Dierdra Adaptation Of Dierdre Irish
Donelle World Leader Irish
Danae God Is My Judge French
Daryl Dear, Beloved French
Deserae Desired French
Destiny Fate French
Didina Desired, Beloved French
Dionne From Diana French
Dior Present French
Dixie From The South In The U.S. French
Dorit Derived From Doris Hawaiian
Danika Morning Star Slavic
Darva Honey Bee Slavic
Duscha Divine Spirit Slavic
Darlita Young Girl Armenian
Daw Stars Thai
Dagmar Glorious Scandinavian
Davin Finnish Person Scandinavian
Delling Scintillating Scandinavian
Dyre Dear Heart Scandinavian
Dylan Born From The Ocean, Son Of The Sea Welsh
Dyllis Sincere Welsh
Diem Not Available Vietnamese
Diep Not Available Vietnamese
Duyen Charm And Grace Vietnamese
Da Xia Big Hero Chinese
Deiondre Valley African-American