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Baby Names
Faakhir Proud, excellent Hindu
Faalgun A month in the Hindu calendar, Born in Falgun - a Hindu month Hindu
Faaris Horseman, knight Hindu
Faarooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood Hindu
Faatin Captivating Hindu
Fadi The redeemer Hindu
Fadl Outstanding, honourable Hindu
Fadl Ullah Excellence of God Hindu
Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice Hindu
Fahad Lynx Hindu
Fahim intelligent Hindu
Fairuz victorious, triumphant Hindu
Faisal Decisive Hindu
Faiyaz artistic Hindu
Faiz gain Hindu
Fajyaz artistic Hindu
Fakaruddin Pride of religion, Glory of the faith Hindu
Fakeer A saintly person Hindu
Fakhruddin Glory of the faith, Pride of religion Hindu
Fakhry Honorary Hindu
Fakir A saintly person Hindu
Fakruddin pride of religion Hindu
Falaagam Producer of fruit Hindu
Falak the sky Hindu
Falgu Lovely Hindu
Falgun A month in the Hindu calendar, Born in Falgun - a Hindu month Hindu
Falguni born in Falgun, a Hindu month, Arjun Hindu
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva Hindu
Fanibhushan Lord Shiva Hindu
Fanindra the cosmic serpent Shesh Hindu
Fanish the cosmic serpent Shesh Hindu
Fanishwar lord of serpents, Vasuki Hindu
Faraz equitable Hindu
Farbod Right, Orthodox Hindu
Fardeen One who has triple strength, First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries Hindu
Fardin One who has triple strength, First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries Hindu
Fareed Unique Hindu
Farhad happiness Hindu
Farhat happiness Hindu
Farid wide Hindu
Fariel Star Hindu
Faris Ability to discern, Hindu
Farjad Excellent, Eminent in learning Hindu
Farokh power of discrimination Hindu
Farooque Power of discrimination, Fortunate, Variant of 'Farukh' Hindu
Farozan luminous Hindu
Farrokh Happy, Fortunate Hindu
Farrukh blessed, auspicious Hindu
Farshad Soul of the sphere of Mercury Hindu
Farukh Power of discrimination, Fortunate, Happy Hindu
Farvardin First month of Iranian calendar Hindu
Farzad Splendid birth Hindu
Farzan Wise Hindu
Farzin Learned Hindu
Fateen Clever, smart Hindu
Fateh victory Hindu
Fatehpal The protector of victory Hindu
Fatik crystal Hindu
Fawaz Successful Hindu
Fayyim strong Hindu
Fazal excellence Hindu
Fazel Learned, Decisive Hindu
Ferdows Paradise Hindu
Feroz Name of a king, Winner, Successful Hindu
Fidaa Sacrifice Hindu
Fidel Faithful and Sincere Hindu
Fikham great, illustrious Hindu
Finlay Fair Heroe Hindu
Firdaus paradise Hindu
Firdows Paradise Hindu
Firouz Victorious, Name of a Sassani King Hindu
Firoz Gift, Winner, Victorious, Name of a king Hindu
Firoze Gift, Winner, Victorious, Name of a king Hindu
Firyal Adornment Hindu
Fitan intelligence Hindu
Fiyaz artistic Hindu
Fletcher Arror featherer Hindu
Forrester Protector of the forest Hindu
Forum Fragrance Hindu
Francisco saviour Hindu
Fraser Family Name Hindu
Fravash Guardian angel Hindu
Fravindad obtaining glory Hindu
Frederick peaceful ruler Hindu
Fuad Heart Hindu
Fursat leisure, freedom Hindu
Furud unique Hindu
Faakhiree Honorary Arabic
Faatih Another Name For Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Faatir Another Name For God, Originator Arabic
Fadee Redeemer Arabic
Fadil Generous, Virtuous, Abundance Arabic
Fadl Allah The Excellence Of God Arabic
Fahad Lynx Arabic
Fahd Lynx, Panther Arabic
Faheem Intelligent, Learned Arabic
Fahim Intelligent, Learned Arabic
Fahmi Smart Arabic
Faiq Superior, Great Arabic
Faisal Decisive Arabic
Fakhir Proud, Excellent Arabic
Fakhiri Honorary Arabic
Fakhr Glory, Honor, Pride, Egotism Arabic
Fakhry Honorary Arabic
Fakih Legal Expert, One Who Recites The QuRan Arabic
Falih Successful Arabic
Faliq One That Divides Into Two, Creator Arabic
Faraj Relief From Bad Times Arabic
Faraqlit One Who Can Identify Between Truth And False Arabic
Farbud Right, Orthodox Arabic
Fard Another Name For God, Unequalled, Unique Arabic
Fareed Singular, Unique, Precious, A Precious Pearl Arabic
Fareeq Lieutenant General Arabic
Farhan Glad, Joyful, Merry Arabic
Farhang Good Breeding Arabic
Farid Singular, Unique, Precious, A Precious Pearl Arabic
Fariishta Angel Arabic
Fariq Another Name For God, Separating, Eminent, Lieutenant General Arabic
Farookh A Good Judge Arabic
Farooq Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood Arabic
Faroukh Happy, Fortunate Arabic
Farraj Na Arabic
Farrokhzad Happily Born Arabic
Faruq One Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood Arabic
Farzam Worthy, Befitting Arabic
Farzin Learned Arabic
Fastiq Another Name For God, One Who Rips Apart Arabic
Fateen Clever, Smart Arabic
Fath Victory Arabic
Fathi Victory Arabic
Fatin Clever, Smart Arabic
Fattah One Of The Ninety-Nine Names Of God Arabic
Fawwaz Successful Arabic
Fawzi Winner Arabic
Faysal Decisive Arabic
Fazil Talented, Expert, Intelligent, Wise Arabic
Fazl Excellence, Virtue, Reward, Wisdom Arabic
Ferran Baker Arabic
Fida Sacrifice, Devotion, Ransom, Exchange Arabic
Firas Perspiceacity Arabic
Firdaus Garden, Paradise Arabic
Foroohar Essence Arabic
Fouad Heart Arabic
Fakeer A Saintly Person Sikh
Fakir A Saintly Person Sikh
Fal Fruit Sikh
Faquir Of Saintly Ways Sikh
Fatehbir The Victorious Brave Sikh
Fauja Army General Sikh
Fir Then Sikh
Foola Blossom Sikh
Feivel God Assists Biblical
Felix Cheerful Biblical
Fabunni God Has Given Me This African
Faraji Consolation African
Farhani Happy African
Flannerry Unknown F Or African
Fausto Lucky Spanish
Federico Peaceful Ruler Spanish
Felipe Form Of Philip Spanish
Feo Ugly Spanish
Fernando Daring, Adventurous Spanish
Faxon Long Haired German
Ferdinand To Be Courageous German
Fabio Bean Farmer Latin
Farrar Blacksmith Latin
Favian Brave Man Latin
Faustus Lucky Greek
Flavian Yellow, Blonde Greek
Fairfax Fair Haired English
Fell A Field English
Felton Town In A Field English
Ferrol Iron Ring English
Field A Field English
Filbert Brilliant English
Fisk A Fish English
Flint Hard Quartz Rock English
Ford River Crossing English
Fordon To Destroy English
Forrest Of The Woods, Forest English
Forster Derived From Forrester English
Foster Derived From Forrest English
Fox A Fox English
Fraley Friar English
Faolan Wolf Celtic/Gaelic
Farrell Of Proven Courage Celtic/Gaelic
Fearghus Strong Man Celtic/Gaelic
Feoras Smooth Rock Celtic/Gaelic
Fergal Man Of Strength Celtic/Gaelic
Fergus Manly Celtic/Gaelic
Ferguson Son Of Fergus Celtic/Gaelic
Ferris Iron Worker Celtic/Gaelic
Findlay Blond-Haired Soldier Celtic/Gaelic
Finley Fair Haired One Celtic/Gaelic
Fionan Fair Celtic/Gaelic
Flann Son Of The Red-Haired Man Celtic/Gaelic
Flynn Heir To The Redheaded Celtic/Gaelic
Forbes Prosperous Celtic/Gaelic
Fabian Bean Grower Italian
Fabiano Bean Farmer Italian
Fabrizio Craftsman Italian
Feleti Peace Italian
Fico A Fig Italian
Fidelio Faithful Italian
Fiorello Little Floewr Italian
Flavio Form Of Flavian Meaning Yellow Haired Italian
Fagan Little Fiery One Irish
Finian Light Skinned Irish
Finn Blond Haired Irish
Fitzwilliam Son Of William Irish
Flinn Red Haired Son Irish
Foy A Journey Irish
Fontaine Fountain French
Fortune Given To Luck French
Fadey Courageous Slavic
Floyd The Hollow Welsh
Fai Brilliant Light Chinese
Farkas Wolf Hungarian