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Baby Names
Haadiya Huide to righteousness Hindu
Haady Guiding to the right Hindu
Haamid Praising (God), Loving (God) Hindu
Haani Happy, Delighted, Content Hindu
Haarith Plowman, Old Arabic name Hindu
Haaroon A Prophet's name Hindu
Haarsha Haarsha Hindu
Haashim Generosity, Prophet's grandfather Hindu
Haatim Judge Hindu
Habib beloved Hindu
Habib-ullah Beloved of Allah Hindu
Habibullah Beloved of Allah Hindu
Hadden Child of heather filled valley Hindu
Hadi Guide, Leader Hindu
Hafez Protector Hindu
Hafiz protected Hindu
Hakaku White Crane Hindu
Hakesh Lord of sound Hindu
Hakue Pure Blessing Hindu
Hamed One who praises Hindu
Hameed Friend Hindu
Hamid friend Hindu
Hamir a raga Hindu
Hamish Variant of Jacob, Supplanter Hindu
Hammad One who praises God Hindu
Hanan Mercy Hindu
Hans swan Hindu
Hansaraj king of Swans Hindu
Hansh Swan Hindu
Hanspal Protector of great soul Hindu
Hansraj The swan king Hindu
Hanuman the monkey god of Ramayana Hindu
Hanumant the monkey god of Ramayana Hindu
Hanumanta Lord Hanuman Hindu
Hanumantha Devotee of Lord Rama Hindu
Har Name of Shiva Hindu
Hara The Remover of Sins Hindu
Haraksa Lord Shiva Hindu
Harbeer Warrior of God Hindu
Harbhajan Lord's devotee, The one who prays of God Hindu
Harbir Warrior of God Hindu
Harcharan One taking shelter in God's Lotus Feet Hindu
Hardas Slave of God Hindu
Hardayal One on whom there is God's Grace Hindu
Hardeep Lamp of God Hindu
Hardeet Given by God Hindu
Hardev Godly person Hindu
Hardhian The one absorbed in the Lord Hindu
Hardhyan The one absorbed in the Lord Hindu
Hardial One on whom there is God's Grace Hindu
Hardik heartfelt Hindu
Hardit Given by God Hindu
Hareendra Lord vishnu Hindu
Harekrishna Lord Krishha Hindu
Harendra Lord Shiva Hindu
Haresh Lord Krishna Hindu
Hargun One having Godly merits Hindu
Hari Lord Vishnu, Monkey Hindu
Hari Charan Feet of the God Hindu
Hariaksa Lord Shiva Hindu
Haricharan One taking shelter in God's Lotus Feet Hindu
Haridas servant of Krishna Hindu
Haridutt gift of Hari Hindu
Harigopal Lord Krishna Hindu
Harihar Lord Vishnu Hindu
Harihara Lord Krishna Hindu
Hariharan Vishnu & Shiva conjoined Hindu
Hariharaputra SOn of lord vishnu Hindu
Hariharasdthan Son of lord hari Hindu
Hariharasuthan Son of lord hari Hindu
Harij The horizon Hindu
Harikanth Dear to Indra Hindu
Harikiran Rays of God Hindu
Harikrishna Lord Krishha Hindu
Harilal son of Hari Hindu
Harinaksh Lord Shiva Hindu
Harinaksha Lord shiva Hindu
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu Hindu
Harinath Variant of 'Hari', God Hindu
Harinder Lord Shiva Hindu
Harindra A Tree, Lord vishnu Hindu
Harindranath Lord Vishnu Hindu
Hariom Lord Vishnu Hindu
Hariprasad blessed by Lord Krishna Hindu
Haripreet Beloved of God Hindu
Hariraj King of lions Hindu
Hariram Lord Rama Hindu
Harish Lord Shiva, king of Monkeys ( Sugreev ) Hindu
Harishankar Lord Shiva Hindu
Harisharan One taking shelter in God's Lotus Feet Hindu
Harishchandra King of Surya dynasty, charitable Hindu
Harit Green Hindu
Haritbaran green Hindu
Harith Lion Hindu
Harivansh Belonging to the family of Hari Hindu
Harivilas Holy place of Hari Hindu
Harjap One who meditates on the Lordp Hindu
Harjas Praise of the God, One who sings God's praises Hindu
Harjeet victorious Hindu
Harjeevan One who lives a God-oriented life Hindu
Harjit Victor Hindu
Harjot God's Light Hindu
Harkrishna Lord Krishna Hindu
Harley Deer Hunter or Archer Hindu
Harmeet God's devotee, Beloved friend Hindu
Harmendra the moon Hindu
Harnam Love of God's Naam Hindu
Harnath Variant of 'Hari', God Hindu
Harold powerful ruler or warrior Hindu
Haroon hope Hindu
Harpreet One who loves God Hindu
Harsh happiness Hindu
Harsh Happiness Hindu
Harsha delight, Joy Hindu
Harshad giver of joy Hindu
Harshal a lover Hindu
Harshaman Full of joy, Ecstasy person Hindu
Harshamana Ecstasy person Hindu
Harshavardhan creator of joy Hindu
Harshil joyful Hindu
Harshit joyous Hindu
Harshita joyous Hindu
Harshul deer Hindu
Harshvardhan one who increases joy, happiness Hindu
Hasan Handsome, Good, Laughter Hindu
Hashmat glory, joyful Hindu
Hasit happy Hindu
Hasmukh Full of cheer Hindu
Hassan an Islamic Hindu
Hastin Elephant Hindu
Havish Lord Shiva Hindu
Heer diamond Hindu
Hem gold Hindu
Hemachander Golden Moon Hindu
Hemachandra golden moon Hindu
Hemadri the Himalaya Hindu
Hemakesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Hemamdar golden creeper Hindu
Heman Golden yellow, made of Hindu
Hemang one with shining body Hindu
Hemanga goldenbodied Hindu
Hemant one of the 6 seasons ( part of winter ) Hindu
Hemanta early winter Hindu
Hemanth One of the six season, Gold Hindu
Hemaprakash golden light Hindu
Hemaprasad Gold Hindu
Hemaraj king of gold Hindu
Hemavatinandan son of Goddess Parvati ( Ganesh ) Hindu
Hemavatinandhan Goddess Parvathi's Son Hindu
Hemchander Golden Moon Hindu
Hemchandra Golden Moon Hindu
Hemdev Lord of richness Hindu
Hemen The King Of Gold Hindu
Hemendra Lord of gold Hindu
Hemendu golden moon Hindu
Hemish Lord Of The Earth Hindu
Hemraj King of Gold Hindu
Heramb Lord Ganesh Hindu
Heramba Lord Ganesh Hindu
Herambwa Lord Ganesh Hindu
Herman high ranking soldier Hindu
Het Love Hindu
Hetal Friendly Hindu
Himachal the Himalayas Hindu
Himadhri Himalaya, Infinity life Hindu
Himadri Himalaya, Infinity life Hindu
Himaghana Sun Hindu
Himaghna the sun Hindu
Himalay Mountain Range Hindu
Himanish Lord Shiva Hindu
Himanshu the moon Hindu
Himesh The snow king Hindu
Himmat courage Hindu
Himnish Lord Shiva Hindu
Hira Diamond Hindu
Hiran Gold Hindu
Hiranmay golden Hindu
Hiranmaya Made of gold Hindu
Hiranya gold Hindu
Hiren Lord Genius Hindu
Hirendra Lord of diamonds Hindu
Hiresh king of Gems Hindu
Hiten Buddhist Angel Hindu
Hitendra well-wisher Hindu
Hitesh Good Person, Lord of goodness Hindu
Hodo Dharma Way Hindu
Homayoon Royal, Fortunate Hindu
Homayoun Royal, Fortunate Hindu
Hooman Good nature, Having a good soul Hindu
Hosho Voice of the Dharma Hindu
Houman Good nature, Having a good soul Hindu
Hriday Heart Hindu
Hridayanand Joy of the heart Hindu
Hridayanath Honorable Hindu
Hridayesh king of Heart Hindu
Hridaynath lord of the heart, beloved Hindu
Hridik Lord of the heart, Hindu
Hridyanshu light from heart, moon Hindu
Hriman Wealthy Hindu
Hrishab Morality Hindu
Hrishabh Morality Hindu
Hrishi Pleasure Hindu
Hrishikesh Lord Vishnu Hindu
Hrishita Joyful, Who brings happiness, Deep Knowledge, The best Hindu
Hrishitaa Joyful, Who brings happiness, Deep Knowledge, The best Hindu
Hrithik Name of a Sage, Intelligent Person, From the Heart Hindu
Hritik Name of a Sage, Intelligent Person, From the Heart Hindu
Hritish Lord of heart Hindu
Hryday Heart Hindu
Hrydayesh Lord Of Hearts Hindu
Huda Right guidance Hindu
Hugh Heart, Mind Hindu
Hugo Intellegence or Sprit Hindu
Hulas joy Hindu
Humayu Fortunate, the second Mughal Emperor Hindu
Humayun Fortunate, the second Mughal Emperor Hindu
Hurditya Joyous Hindu
Hurley Child of the seas and tides Hindu
Husaam Sword Hindu
Husnain Pure in the eyes Hindu
Hussain Islamic thinker, saint Hindu
Huthayfa Old Arabic name Hindu
Haarun Lofty, Hope, A ProphetS Name Arabic
Habbab Gentle, Polite Arabic
Habeeb Friend Arabic
Habibullah Dear To God Arabic
Hadad Syrian God Of Fertility Arabic
Hadaf Target, Goal, Object Arabic
Haddad Smith Arabic
Hadir The Sound Of Thunder Arabic
Hadis Narration Or Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hafeez Protector Arabic
Hafi Generous Arabic
Haidar Lion Arabic
Hakam One Of The Ninety-Nine Excellent Names Of God Arabic
Hakeem Wise, One Of GodS Ninety Nine Qualities Arabic
Hakem Ruler, Governor Arabic
Hakim One Of The Ninety-Nine Excellent Names Of God Arabic
Halim Generous, Compassionate, Composed, Tranquil Arabic
Ham Raz Confidant Arabic
Hamadullah The Thanks Of Allah Swt Arabic
Hamal Lamb Arabic
Hamdan The Praised One, Variation Of The Name "Muhammad" Arabic
Hamed Praiseworthy Arabic
Hameen Intimate Friend Arabic
Hami Protector, Defender Arabic
Hamid Praiseworthy Arabic
Hamidullah The Appreciation Of Allah Swt Arabic
Hamim Another Name For Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hammam Na Arabic
Hamza Lion Arabic
Hamzah Lion Arabic
Hananan Another Name For God, Generous, Charitable Arabic
Hanbal Purity Arabic
Hani Cheerful And Happy Arabic
Hanif True Believer Arabic
Haqq One Of The Ninety-Nine Excellent Names Of God Arabic
Hares Guard Arabic
Haris Guard Arabic
Haroun Arabic Form Of "Aaron", Lofty Or Exalted, A ProphetS Name Arabic
Harun Arabic Form Of "Aaron", Lofty Or Exalted, A ProphetS Name Arabic
Hasan Good, Beautyfy, Grandson Of Prophet Pbuh Arabic
Hashir Another Name For Prophet Muhammad, Collector Arabic
Hasib Another Name For Prophet Muhammad Arabic
Hasim Decisive Arabic
Hassaan Beautiful Arabic
Hassan Good, Beautyfy, Grandson Of Prophet Pbuh Arabic
Hatif Angel, Voice From Heaven Arabic
Hatim Judge Arabic
Haytham Young Hawk Arabic
Hazem Strict Arabic
Hazim Strict Arabic
Hazir Another Name For God, Present, Ready Arabic
Heera Diamond Arabic
Heerad Appearing Fresh And Healthy Arabic
Hibatullah The Gift Of Allah Swt Arabic
Hidayat Instruction, Guidance, Righteousness Arabic
Hilal New Moon, The Crescent Arabic
Hilel The New Moon Arabic
Hirad Appearing Fresh And Healthy Arabic
Hirz Another Name For God, Place Of Refuge Arabic
Hisam A Sharp Sword Arabic
Hisham Companion Of Prophet Muhammad, Generous Arabic
Hosaam Sword Deen, Sword Of God Arabic
Hoshmand Wise Arabic
Hoshyar Wise Arabic
Houd A ProphetS Name Arabic
Hud A ProphetS Name Arabic
Hudhayfah Old Arabic Name Arabic
Humam Courageous And Generous Arabic
Humayun August, Royal, Fortunate Arabic
Husaam Udeen The Sword Of The Faith Arabic
Husain Little Beauty, Descendent Of The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) Arabic
Husam Sword Arabic
Husam Al Din Sword Of The Faith Arabic
Husani Beautiful, Handsome Arabic
Husayn Handsome (Diminutive Of Hassan) Arabic
Husein Handsome (Diminutive Of Hassan) Arabic
Hussein Handsome One, Little Beauty, Descendent Of The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) Arabic
Hansroop Pure Body/Persona Sikh
Harbans GodS Family (Submitted By Sophia Gill) Sikh
Harbir Warrier Of God Sikh
Harchanan GodS Light Sikh
Hardas Slave Of God Sikh
Hardayal One On Whom There Is GodS Grace Sikh
Hardeet Given By God Sikh
Hardhian The One Absorbed In The Lord Sikh
Hardhyan The One Absorbed In The Lord Sikh
Hardit Given By God Sikh
Hardyal One On Whom There Is GodS Grace Sikh
Haricharan One Taking Shelter In GodS Lotus Feet Sikh
Harkanwal GodS Feet Sikh
Harkiran Rays Of GodS Light Sikh
Harpal One Protected By God Sikh
Harpuneet Clean, Pure Like God Sikh
Harsajjan GodS Friend And Beloved Sikh
Harsharan One Who Takes Shelter In The Lord Sikh
Harzadan Na Sikh
Hitender Compassionate God Sikh
Hukam (Gods) Command, Authority, Direction Sikh
Ham Hot Biblical
Hannibal Baal Has Favored Biblical
Herschel Deer Biblical
Hosea Salvation Hebrew
Hyman Life Hebrew
Haben Pride African
Hajari Flight African
Haruni Mountaineer African
Hirsi Amulet African
Hashim Destroyer Persian
Heriberto Ruler Spanish
Hernando Bold Voyager Spanish
Hidalgo Noble One Spanish
Hagen Not Available German
Hamlin Lover Of Home German
Hank Ruler Of The Home German
Hardy Courageous, Strong German
Harmon Soldier German
Harvey Army Warrior German
Heinrich Form Of Henry German
Heinz Household Ruler German
Helmut Courageous German
Henrik Derived From Henry German
Henry Ruler Of The Home German
Herb Derived From Herbert German
Herbert Bright, Excellent Army, Ruler German
Herbst Soldier German
Hertz My Strife German
Hubert Shining Of Mind German
Huey Derived From Hugh German
Humphrey Peace German
Hakan Fire American
Huslu Hairy Bear American
Horace Hour In Time Latin
Hyroniemus Holy Man Latin
Halian Of Julius Others
Hector Anchor, Steadfast Greek
Hercules Glorious Gift Greek
Hiero Holy Greek
Homer Promise Greek
Haines From A Vined Cottage English
Halen Hall English
Hall From The Manor English
Halsey From HalS Island English
Halton N/A English
Hamilton From The Beautiful Mountain English
Hamlet Home English
Hampton Little Town English
Hanley Meadow On The Cliff English
Harlan From The Army English
Harlow Troops On The Hill English
Harris Son Of Harry English
Harrison Son Of Harry English
Harry Derived From Harold English
Hart Deer Or Stag English
Hartwell From The Well English
Hayward Guardian Of The Hedged Area English
Heath Wasteland English
Heaton High Ground English
Hewitt Little Smart One English
Holden Hollow In The Valley English
Holt Wood English
Howard Guardian Of The Home English
Howe Derived From Howard English
Howie Derived From Howard English
Hume Supporter Of Peace English
Hy Derived From Hyman English
Halil N/A Turkish
Hasad Harvest Turkish
Hal Chief Celtic/Gaelic
Heremon A Form Of Irving Celtic/Gaelic
Hogan Youth Celtic/Gaelic
Haru Born In The Spring Japanese
Haruki Shining Brightly Japanese
Haruko First Born Japanese
Hideaki Clever, Smart Japanese
Hiroshi Generous Japanese
Hisoki Secretive Japanese
Harken Dark Red Irish
Herne God Of The Hunt Irish
Houston Town Of Houses Irish
Henri Derived From Henry French
Herve Army Warrior French
Holleb Dove Polish
Hagop Supplanter Armenian
Haig Legend, From The Field Armenian
Hovan GodS Gift Armenian
Hadar Glorious Scandinavian
Halden Half-Danish Scandinavian
Hammer A Hammer Scandinavian
Hansel God Is Gracious Scandinavian
Havard Guardian Of The Home Scandinavian
Howell Alert One Welsh
Hieu Pious Vietnamese
Hoai Always, Eternal Vietnamese
Hoang Phoenix Vietnamese
Hung Hero Vietnamese
Huy Not Available Vietnamese
Ho Good Chinese
Hu Tiger Chinese
Hyun Ki Wise Korean
Hyun Shik Clever Korean
Horus God Of Light Egyptian