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Baby Names
Laabh Laalamani Hindu
Laal Lovely, Beloved, Dear one, Red colour Hindu
Labh Gain Hindu
Lagan appropriate time Hindu
Lahar Wave Hindu
Lai The beloved one Hindu
Lakhan Lord RamaS Brother Hindu
Lakhbir Brave as a hundred thousand Hindu
Lakshan Aim Hindu
Lakshman younger brother of Rama, Auspicious Hindu
Lakshmi Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune, Variant of 'Lakshmi' Hindu
Lakshmibanta fortunate Hindu
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lakshmigopal Lord vishnu Hindu
Lakshmikant husband of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu), or a rich person Hindu
Lakshmikanta Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lakshminarayan Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together Hindu
Lakshminath Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lakshmipati husband of Lakshmi ( Lord Vishnu) Hindu
Lakshmiraman Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lakshmisrinivas Lord venkateswara Hindu
Lakshya aim Hindu
Laksman Son of King Dasharatha and Sumitra, Lucky, Brother of Lord Ram Hindu
Lal Lovely, Beloved, Dear one, Red colour Hindu
Lal Krishna Child Krishna, Variant of Krishna Hindu
Lalam Jewel Hindu
Lalchand red moon Hindu
Lalchandra red moon Hindu
Lalit beautiful Hindu
Lalitaditya a beautiful sun Hindu
Lalitchandra a beautiful moon Hindu
Lalitesh God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife Hindu
Lalitkishore beautiful Hindu
Lalitkumar beautiful Hindu
Lalitlochan one with beautiful eyes Hindu
Lalitmohan beautiful Hindu
Lalitmohan beautifuland attractive Hindu
Lalji Variant of 'Lal' Hindu
Lalu Variant of 'Lal' Hindu
Lamar Close to the sea Hindu
Lambodar Lord Ganesh Hindu
Lambodhar Lord Ganesh Hindu
Laniban Lord Shiva Hindu
Lankesh Ravana Hindu
Larraj A Sage Hindu
Lars Crowned with laurel , victory Hindu
Latafat elegance Hindu
Latif elegant Hindu
Laurence Crowned with laurel Hindu
Lav son of Lord Rama Hindu
Lavitra Lord Shiva Hindu
Lawrence Crowned with laurel Hindu
Laxman brother of rama, Auspicious Hindu
Layak Capable Hindu
Lekh Document Hindu
Liam Gaelic derivative of William, determined protector Hindu
Light Of Family prince Hindu
Liladhar Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lingam Name Of Lord Shiva Hindu
Lingamoorthi Name Of Lord Shiva Hindu
Lingamurthy Name Of Lord Shiva Hindu
Lingan Name Of Lord Shiva Hindu
Lingappan Name Of Lord Shiva Hindu
Livingston From Lewin's Town Hindu
Liyaqat elegance, worthiness Hindu
Lochan the eye Hindu
Lohendra Lord Of Three Worlds Hindu
Lohit red, made of copper, Mars, Bramhaputra river Hindu
Lohitaksh Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lohitashwa one with red horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire Hindu
Lokanath Lord of all worlds Hindu
Lokapradip light of the world, another word for Brahma Hindu
Lokbhushan Ornament of the world Hindu
Lokesh Lord Brahma Hindu
Loknath Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lokpradeep Gautam Budha Hindu
Lokprakash light of the world Hindu
Lokranjan Lord Vishnu Hindu
Lomash A Sage Hindu
Luv RamaS Twin Son Hindu
Labeeb Sensible, Intelligent Arabic
Labib Sensible, Intelligent Arabic
Labon White Arabic
Laiq Worthy, Suitable, Able, Qualified, Decent Arabic
Lamee Bright Arabic
Lami Bright Arabic
Lateef Delicious, Agreeable, Fine, Courteous, Elegant, Benevolent Arabic
Latif Delicious, Agreeable, Fine, Courteous, Elegant, Benevolent Arabic
Layth Lion Arabic
Layzal Another Name For God, Immorta, Undying Arabic
LuAy Proper Name Arabic
Luqmaan A ProphetS Name Arabic
Luqman Clear Way, Convincing, Prophet Arabic
Lutf Kindness, Favor, Grace, Pleasure Arabic
Lutfi Kind And Friendly Arabic
Lakviar Na Sikh
Livsharan Absorbed In The Grace (Humility) Of God Sikh
Livtar Adoration Sikh
Loveen Absorbed In Adoration Sikh
Laban White Biblical
Lawrence From Laurentum Biblical
Lazarus God Will Help Biblical
Lemuel Devoted To God Biblical
Lev Heart Biblical
Levi United - As One Biblical
Lot Hidden Biblical
Leeto Journey African
Lencho Lion African
Lolonyo Love Is Beautiful African
Lalo Derived From Lale Spanish
Lobo Wolf Spanish
Luis Derived From Louis Spanish
Lance Spear German
Leonard Like A Lion German
Leopold Daring Ones German
Lew Famous Warrior German
Lewis Famous Warrior German
Lou Famous Warrior German
Louis Famous Warrior German
Ludwig Famous Victories German
Luther Famous Warrior German
Lakin Sim. Lakia, Found Treasure F Or American
Lakota Friend American
Landis Derived From Landry American
Lefty Left-Handed American
Len Like A Lion American
Lonato Flint Stone American
Lamberto Wealthy In Land, Brilliant Latin
Larry Laurels Latin
Lerato Song Of My Soul Latin
Lincoln Village By The Lale Latin
Linus Flaxen Colored Latin
Lorenzo Derived From Lawrence Latin
Lorimer Harness Maker Latin
Lucas Light Latin
Luce Light Latin
Lucian Man Of Light Latin
Lucius Bringer Of Light Latin
Lucus Light Latin
Lukas Light Latin
Luke Light Latin
Luthando Love Latin
Leander Man Of Lions Greek
Leon Brave As A Lion Greek
Lysander One Who Is Freed Greek
Laddie Attendant English
Landers Rough Land English
Landon Grassy Plain English
Langston Town Of The Giant English
Lankston Town Of The Giant English
Lathrop Barn English
Latimer Interpreter English
Lawson Son Of Lawrence English
Leavitt Baker English
Leighton Town By The Meadow English
Leland Meadowland English
Les From Town Of Leicester English
Lester From Town Of Leicester English
Lorne Derived From Lawrence English
Ludlow Mountain Of The Chief English
Laird Head Of Household Celtic/Gaelic
Loman Bare Celtic/Gaelic
Lazaro Form Of Lazarus Italian
Lazzaro God Will Help Italian
Leo A Lion Italian
Leonardo Like A Lion Italian
Leone Lion Italian
Luciano Form Of Lucian Italian
Lucio Bringer Of Light Italian
Luigi Warrior Italian
Lynch Mariner Irish
Lafayette Historical French Soldier French
Lamond World French
Lancelot Attendant French
Laurence Laurel-Crowned French
Laurent Crowned With Laurel French
Leroy The King French
Leverett Young Hare French
Lionel Lion Cub French
Louie Famous Warrior French
Lowell Beloved French
Lucien Bright, Light French
Liko Bud Hawaiian
Liuz Light Polish
Luboslaw Lover Of Glory Polish
Lel Taker Slavic
Lamont The Mountain Scandinavian
Langer Tall Man Scandinavian
Latham A Division Scandinavian
Leif Beloved Descendent Scandinavian
Llewellyn Like A Lion Welsh
Lloyd Grey Welsh
Lam Forest Vietnamese
Loc Bud Vietnamese
Liang Good, Fine Chinese
Lok Joy Chinese
Long Dragon Chinese
Lajos Famous Holy Man Hungarian
Laszlo God Will Help Hungarian
Lazar God Will Help Hungarian