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Baby Names
Paavai Gorgeous Girl Hindu
Padama Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Padma Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Padmabati Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Padmaja Lakshmi Hindu
Padmajai Born From Lotus, Lakshmi Hindu
Padmakali lotus bud Hindu
Padmakshi one with lotus-like eyes Hindu
Padmal lotus Hindu
Padmalaya lake of lotuses Hindu
Padmalochana lotuseyed Hindu
Padmaloshni one with lotus-shaped eyes Hindu
Padmamalini Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Padmarekha lotus- like lines on palm which are considered to be sign of good Hindu
Padmashri Divine Lotus Hindu
Padmasri Divine Lotus Hindu
Padmavasa one who resided in lotus ( Goddess Lakshmi) Hindu
Padmavati Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Padmini lotus Hindu
Padnuni Lotus Hindu
Pahal The Start Hindu
Pakhi bird Hindu
Pakshi bird Hindu
Palak Eye Lid Hindu
Pallavi new leaves Hindu
Pallavini with new leaves Hindu
Paloma Dove, baby who coos Hindu
Pampa River Hindu
Panchali Draupadi's name Hindu
Panini Skilful Hindu
Pankaja lotus Hindu
Pankhadi Petal Hindu
Pankti Sentence Hindu
Panna emerald Hindu
Parajika a raagini Hindu
Parama the best Hindu
Parambir The greatest of warriors Hindu
Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine Hindu
Parameshwari Goddess Durga Hindu
Paramita wisdom Hindu
Paramjeet Supremely victorious Hindu
Paramjit Supremely victorious Hindu
Paras Touchstone Hindu
Paravi bird Hindu
Parbarti surrender Hindu
Pari fairy Hindu
Paridhi realm Hindu
Parinita expert, married woman Hindu
Pariyat Flower Hindu
Parmeshwari Goddess Durga Hindu
Parmindar God of gods Hindu
Parminder God of gods Hindu
Parmita Wisdom Hindu
Parnal leafy Hindu
Parnashri leafy beauty Hindu
Parnavi bird Hindu
Parni leafy Hindu
Parnik creeper Hindu
Parnika a small leaf, Parvati Hindu
Paro Master, Furnished, Knowledge Hindu
Paromita Capability Hindu
Parthavi Goddess Sita Hindu
Parthivi Sita Hindu
Paru Master, Furnished, Knowledge Hindu
Parul name of a flower Hindu
Parvani full moon, a festival or a special day Hindu
Parvati Durga Hindu
Parveen star Hindu
Pasang Born on a Friday Hindu
Pasha A Bond Hindu
Patala Goddess Durga Hindu
Patmanjari a raga Hindu
Patmanjiri a raagini Hindu
Patralekha a name from ancient epics Hindu
Pauravi Descendant from Puru Hindu
Pavaki Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Pavana Holy, Sacred Hindu
Pavani Hanuman Hindu
Pavi lightning Hindu
Pavitra Tulasi Hindu
Payal anklet Hindu
Payoja lotus Hindu
Pema A lotus Hindu
Pennarasi Queen Hindu
Pepita From Josephine Hindu
Peralagi Gorgeous Girl Hindu
Phalguni full moon day in the month of Phalgun Hindu
Phiroza turquoise Hindu
Phoolan flower Hindu
Phoolwati delicated as a flower Hindu
Pia beloved Hindu
Pichipoo Name Of A Flower Hindu
Piki cuckoo Hindu
Pinga Goddess Durga Hindu
Pingala Lakshmi Hindu
Pingla Goddess Durga Hindu
Pirai Crescent Hindu
Pival a tree Hindu
Piyali a tree Hindu
Polivu Bright , Brilliant Hindu
Pon Malar Beautiful Golden Flower Hindu
Ponnagai Cute Smile Hindu
Ponnammal Golden Girl Hindu
Ponni Name Of A River Hindu
Ponnilai Golden Leaf Hindu
Pooja Prayer, Worship Hindu
Poonam merit, full moon Hindu
Poorbi eastern Hindu
Poorna fully contented Hindu
Poornima Full Moon, The night of the full moon Hindu
Poorva earlier one, elder, east Hindu
Poorvaganga river Narmada Hindu
Poorvaja elder sister Hindu
Poorvi a classical melody Hindu
Poovarasi Queen Hindu
Poushali of the month Poush Hindu
Prabha lustrous Hindu
Prabhada lady Hindu
Prabhati of the morning Hindu
Prabhavati a raagini, wife of Sun Hindu
Pracheeta Origin, Starting Point Hindu
Prachi east Hindu
Pradeepta glowing Hindu
Pradhyumna One of the Character name in Mahabharatham Hindu
Pradnya knowledge Hindu
Praffula In bloom Hindu
Prafula lotus, Pleasant, Cheerful, In bloom Hindu
Prafulla Pleasant, Cheerful, In bloom Hindu
Pragalbha Goddess Durga Hindu
Pragati progress Hindu
Pragna knowledge Hindu
Pragya wisdom Hindu
Pragyaparamita wise Hindu
Pragyawati a wise woman Hindu
Prajakta Fragnant Flower Hindu
Prajna Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Prakriti Nature Hindu
Prakruti Nature Hindu
Prama knowledge of truth Hindu
Pramada woman Hindu
Pramila one of Arjuna's wives Hindu
Pramiti knowledge of truth Hindu
Pranali Organisation Hindu
Pranati prayer Hindu
Praneet Dear One Hindu
Pranjal Honest Hindu
Pranusha Brightness of the rising Sun Hindu
Prapti gain Hindu
Prarthana prayer Hindu
Prasanna Ever Fresh Hindu
Prashansa prasie Hindu
Prashanti peace Hindu
Prasheetha Origin, Starting Point Hindu
Prasheila Ancient Time Hindu
Prateeksha long wait Hindu
Prathish Born to be a king Hindu
Prathysha early morning, from Sanskrit word Prathyusham Hindu
Pratibha krrn intellect Hindu
Pratichi west Hindu
Pratigya pledge, vow Hindu
Pratiksha Wait Hindu
Pratima image Hindu
Pratishtha preeminence Hindu
Pratiti Faith Hindu
Pratyusha dawn Hindu
Praveena Skilled Hindu
Preet Love Hindu
Preeti love Hindu
Preity Affection, Love Hindu
Preksha Beholding, Viewing Hindu
Prem love Hindu
Prema love Hindu
Premala loving Hindu
Premila queen of a women's kingdom Hindu
Prerana encouragement Hindu
Prerita to inspire Hindu
Prerna Inspiration, Encouragement Hindu
Preyasi beloved Hindu
Prianka Favourite Hindu
Prina Content Hindu
Prisha Beloved, Loving, GodS Gift Hindu
Prita dear one Hindu
Prital Loved One Hindu
Pritha Kunti, mother of Pandavas Hindu
Prithika Flower Hindu
Prithuloma fish, Pisces -zodiac sign Hindu
Priti love Hindu
Pritika dear one Hindu
Pritikana an atom of love Hindu
Pritilata a creeper of love Hindu
Privrata son of Satarupa Hindu
Priya beloved, loved one, darling Hindu
Priyadarshini lovely Hindu
Priyadutta earth Hindu
Priyal beloved, loved one, darling Hindu
Priyala Honorable Beloved Hindu
Priyam beloved Hindu
Priyamvada sweet spoken Hindu
Priyanka dear one Hindu
Priyanshi Dear one Hindu
Priyanvada one who speaks nicely Hindu
Priyasha dear one Hindu
Promita Idol Hindu
Puja Prayer, Worship Hindu
Puji Gentle Hindu
Pujita worshipped Hindu
Pulak A Gem Hindu
Puloma wife of the sage Bhrigu Hindu
Punam full moon Hindu
Punarnava a star Hindu
Puneet Pure Hindu
Punim Full moon night Hindu
Punita pure Hindu
Punthali doll Hindu
Punya Virtuous Hindu
Purna complete, abundant Hindu
Purnima Full Moon, The night of the full moon Hindu
Puruvi From the east Hindu
Purva elder Hindu
Purvaja elder sister Hindu
Purvi From The East Hindu
Pusha Nourishing Hindu
Pushpa flower Hindu
Pushpagandha juhi flower Hindu
Pushpalata flower creeper Hindu
Pushpanjali flower offering Hindu
Pushpita decorated with flowers Hindu
Pushti Possessor of All Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Puspa Flower Hindu
Pusti Nourishment, Endorsement Hindu
Putholi Brightness Hindu
Putul doll Hindu
Padidah A Phenomenon Arabic
Parand Silk Arabic
Parastoo A Bird (Swallow) Arabic
Paree Fairy Arabic
Pareechehr Having A Face Like A Fairy (Beautiful) Arabic
Pareerou Having A Face Like A Fairy (Beautiful) Arabic
Pareesa Like A Fairy Arabic
Pareewash Fairy Faced Arabic
Parijan Fair Soul Arabic
Parikhan Fairy Queen Arabic
Parisa Like A Fairy Arabic
Parizad Born Of The Fairies Arabic
Parto Ray Of Light Arabic
Parvanah Butterfly, Night Moth Arabic
Parvin Cluster Of Stars, Name Of A Constellation Arabic
Paz Golden, Peace Or Gold Arabic
Pazia Golden, Peace Or Gold Arabic
Pegah Dawn Arabic
Peninah Pearl Or Coral Arabic
Peyvand A Joint, A Connection Arabic
Pinar Fountain, Spring Arabic
Poonah A Flower Arabic
Pounah A Flower Arabic
Poupak A Kind Of Bird Arabic
Pouran A Successor Arabic
Pouri A Successor Arabic
Pahar Hour, Time Sikh
Paramgeet The Highest Song Of Bliss Sikh
Paramjog One Uniting With The Highest Sikh
Paramjot The Highest Light, GodS Light Sikh
Paramleen Absorbed In The Highest, God Sikh
Parampreet One Who Loves The Lord Sikh
Paramvir The Greatest Warrior Sikh
Parbeen Capable, Skilful, Efficient Sikh
Pareet Love , The One Who Loves The Lord Sikh
Parmindar God Of Gods Sikh
Pehila First Sikh
Pehir Hour, Time Sikh
Piaar Love, Attachment Sikh
Pith Father Sikh
Pitha Father Sikh
Prabhgun One Having Godly Merits Sikh
Prabhjeet One Who Wins The Love Of God Sikh
Prabhjit GodS Triumph Sikh
Prabhjot The Light Of God Sikh
Prabhkirat Dedication To God Through Honest And Hard Work Sikh
Prabhleen Absorbed In GodS Love Sikh
Prabhmeet Friend Of God Sikh
Prabhnoor The Light Of God Sikh
Prabhroop The Manifestation Of The Lord Sikh
Prabhrup With An Appearance Of God Sikh
Prabhsimran Admiration Of God Sikh
Preet Love , The One Who Loves The Lord Sikh
Preetamjot One Who Longs For The Divine Light Sikh
Premdeep The Lamp Of Love Sikh
Premjeet One Who Wins Over Others By Love Sikh
Premjot The Light Of Love Sikh
Premleen Absorbed In GodS Love Sikh
Pushpinder God Of Flowers Sikh
Palti My Escape, Deliverance Hebrew
Paka Cat African
Palesa Flower African
Panya A Twin Child African
Panyin Older Twin African
Phenyo Victory African
Pulika Obedience African
Paniz Sugar Persian
Parisa Angelic Face Persian
Parmida Princess Persian
Parveneh Butterfly Persian
Pabla From The Name Pauline Spanish
Palma Palm Spanish
Pilar Pillar Of Strength Spanish
Presencia Presence Spanish
Presta Hurry, Quick Spanish
Primavera Springtime Spanish
Porsche Offering German
Pahana Lost White Brother American
Pakuna Deer Jumping Downhill American
Papina Ivy American
Pebbles Small Rocks American
Pepper From The Pepper Plant American
Pillan God Of Stormy Weather American
Pink Light Red Color, Healthy American
Pooky Little Cute Person American
Precious Precious One American
Pantxike Free Latin
Patrice Of Noble Descent Latin
Patricia Of Noble Descent Latin
Patsy From The Name Patricia Latin
Patty From The Name Patricia Latin
Paula Small Latin
Paulina From The Name Pauline Latin
Paxton Town Of Peace Latin
Pearl A Gem Of The Sea Latin
Pearlie Jewel Latin
Perdita Lost Woman Latin
Perdy From Perdita Latin
Peregrine Wanderer Latin
Perrin Traveler Latin
Petronella Stone Latin
Petula Impatient Latin
Pisces The Fish Latin
Polly Bitter Latin
Poppy From The Flower Latin
Porter Door Guard Latin
Portia Roman Clan Name Latin
Priscilla Ancient Latin
Prosper Fortune Latin
Prunella Little Plum Latin
Penha Beloved Others
Pallas Understanding Greek
Pam Honey Greek
Pamela Honey Greek
Pamelia Covered With Honey Greek
Pandora Gifted Greek
Panthea Of All Gods Greek
Parrish Neighborhood Greek
Pat Of Noble Descent Greek
Patia Intellectually Superior Greek
Pax Peace Greek
Pearly A Jewel Greek
Pelagia Sea Greek
Penelope Dream Weaver Greek
Penney Silent Worker Greek
Pennie Silent Worker Greek
Penny Silent Worker Greek
Peony Physician Of The Gods Greek
Peri Lives In The Mountains Greek
Persephone Daughter Of Demetra Greek
Petra Small Rock Greek
Phaedra Glowing Greek
Phila Love Greek
Philana Lover Of Mankind Greek
Philantha Lover Of Flowers Greek
Philena Lover Of Mankind Greek
Philippa Loving - Fem. Of Phillip Greek
Phillipa Lover Of Horses Greek
Philomena Loving Greek
Philyra To Love Music Greek
Phoebe Bright, Shining One Greek
Phoenix Rising Bird Greek
Phylicia Fortunate Greek
Phyliss Green Leaf Greek
Phyllis Green Leaf Greek
Pirro Red-Haired Greek
Pomona Apple Greek
Psyche The Soul Greek
Pyralis Of Fire Greek
Page Youthful Assistant English
Paley From The Name Paul English
Palmer Palm Bearer, Peacemaker English
Paprika Spice English
Parker Park Keeper English
Parley To Speak English
Parson Minister, Clergy English
Patience From The Virtue English
Payton Village Of The Warrior English
Pelham Town Of Fur Skin English
Pembroke A Broken Hill English
Penn Corral English
Petunia Of The Petunia Flower English
Piper Flute Player English
Pippa Lover Of Horses English
Posy Small Flower English
Prentice Beginner, Learning English
Presley PriestS Land English
Preston PriestS Town English
Princess Royal Daughter English
Prisca Ancient, Old English
Prudence Cautious, Intelligent English
Prue Form Of Prudence English
Purity Unsullied, Clean English
Paisley Fashion Teardrop Print Celtic/Gaelic
Parkin Young Peter Celtic/Gaelic
Parlan From The Name Bartholomew Celtic/Gaelic
Pegeen From Margaret-A Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Peggy From The Name Margaret Celtic/Gaelic
Peigi Pearl Celtic/Gaelic
Paola Small Italian
Peta Golden Eagle Native-American
Pules Pidgeon Native-American
Peyton Form Of Patricia Irish
Phallon Grandchild Of The Ruler Irish
Phiala Irish Saint Irish
Paige Assistant French
Pansy Thought French
Papillon Butterfly French
Paris City In France French
Pascale Passover/Easter French
Paulette Small French
Pauline From The Name Paul French
Pier Form Of Pierre French
Piera Small Rock French
Pierce Form Of Peter French
Pierrette From The Name Pierre French
Piperel Piper, Flutist French
Platt Ground Without Slope French
Pleasance Agreeable French
Palani Free Man Hawaiian
Palila Bird Hawaiian
Pilialoha Beloved Hawaiian
Pilis Horse Lover Hawaiian
Pascha To Pass Over, Born On Easter Slavic
Penda Loved Slavic
Phyre Burning Bright Armenian
Phailin Sapphire Thai
Paiva God Of The Sun Scandinavian
Parry Son Of Harry Welsh
Phuong Phoenix Vietnamese
Park Cypress Tree Chinese
Ping Duckweed Chinese