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Baby Names
Udai The rising, To rise Hindu
Udant Correct Message Hindu
Udar generous Hindu
Udarsh Brimming Hindu
Uday appearance Hindu
Udaya Murthi Rising Sun Hindu
Udayachal eastern horizon Hindu
Udayakumar Heir, Successor Hindu
Udayan rising, name of king of Avanti Hindu
Udayasooriyan Uddhar Hindu
Udbal Mighty Hindu
Udbhav creation, to arise from Hindu
Uddhar liberation Hindu
Uddhav Lord Krishna's friend Hindu
Uddunath Lord Of Stars Hindu
Udeep flood Hindu
Udhiyan Garden Hindu
Udhyakumar Heir, Successor Hindu
Udhyamurthy Rising Sun Hindu
Udit risen Hindu
Udiyan Garden Hindu
Udu Water Hindu
Udumban Willpower Hindu
Udyam effort Hindu
Udyan garden Hindu
Udyat star Hindu
Ujagar bright Hindu
Ujala bright Hindu
Ujas bright Hindu
Ujesh one who bestows light Hindu
Ujjala bright Hindu
Ujjawal Bright, Clear, Splendorous Hindu
Ujjwal Bright, Clear, Splendorous Hindu
Ujval glowing, brightness Hindu
Ujwal bright Hindu
Ulaga Muthu Pearl world Hindu
Ulagan Worldly Hindu
Ulaganathan Emperor of world Hindu
Ulagappan Inventor Of The World Hindu
Ulagarasan Ulagappan Hindu
Ulamaaran Courageous Hindu
Ulhas happiness Hindu
Umachandra Uma ( Goddess Parvati) and Lord Shiva Hindu
Umaiappan Lord Shiva Hindu
Umaiyavan Lord Shiva Hindu
Umakant husband of Uma ( Lord Shiva) Hindu
Umanand Lord Shiva Hindu
Umanant Lord Shiva Hindu
Umanath Lord Shankar Hindu
Umang enthusiasm Hindu
Umapati Consort of Uma Hindu
Umaprasad blessing of Goddess Parvati Hindu
Umar Flourishing, Variant of 'Omar' Hindu
Umashankar Lord Shiva Hindu
Umed hope Hindu
Umesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Umrao king, noble Hindu
Unmai Vilambi Honest Hindu
Unmesh rvelation Hindu
Unmil become visible Hindu
Unnabh Highest Hindu
Unnat energized Hindu
Upagupta name of a Buddish nonk Hindu
Upamanyu name of a devoted pupil Hindu
Upanshu chanting of hymns or mantras in low tone Hindu
Upendra Lord Vishnu Hindu
Upendranath Variant of 'Upendra' Hindu
Urjita energized Hindu
Urjith Powerful, Vigorous Hindu
Urvaksh joyful Hindu
Ushakanta the sun Hindu
Ushapati husband of dawn (sun) Hindu
Usman Variant of 'Uthman', Servant of God Hindu
Utanka a disciple of th sage Veda Hindu
Utham Virtuous Attribute Hindu
Uthaman Faithful Man Hindu
Uthman A baby bustard bird, Name of the third Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims, Muhammad's son-in-law Hindu
Utkarsh prosperity, awakening Hindu
Utkarsha advancement Hindu
Utpal lotus Hindu
Utsav celebration Hindu
Uttam best Hindu
Uttar son of king Virata Hindu
Uttiya a name in Buddhist literature Hindu
Ubaadah Old Arabic Name Arabic
Ubadah Old Arabic Name, Servant Of God Arabic
Ubaid Faithful Arabic
Ubaida Servant Of God Arabic
Ubaidah Servant Of God Arabic
Ubay Old Arabic Name Arabic
Ubayd Servant Of God Arabic
Ubaydah Servant Of God Arabic
Ubayy Old Arabic Name Arabic
Umaarah Old Arabic Name Arabic
Umair Old Arabic Name Arabic
Umarah Old Arabic Name Arabic
Umayr Old Arabic Name Arabic
Umed Hope, Expectation, Trust Arabic
Umid Hope, Expectation, Trust Arabic
Uqbah The End Of Everything Arabic
Usaamah Description Of A Lion Arabic
Usama Description Of A Lion Arabic
Usamah Description Of A Lion Arabic
Ustad Master, Professor Arabic
Utbah Old Arabic Name Arabic
Uwais Small Wolf Arabic
Udai Rising To Fame And Honor Sikh
Uday Rising To Fame And Honor Sikh
Uddam One Who Strives, Makes Effort Sikh
Ujaagar Famous, Renowned Sikh
Ujjal Bright, Clean, Holy Sikh
Updes One Who Preaches And Counsels Sikh
Upender Na Sikh
Upkaar Favor Sikh
Upraj The Noble King Sikh
Utam High, Exalted, Excellent Sikh
Uttampal Immersed In The Love Of Divine Sikh
Uttamveer The Exalted Bravery And Courage Sikh
Uriah God Is My Light Biblical
Uriel Angel Of Light Biblical
Uba Father, Lord African
Upendo Love African
Urbano From The City Spanish
Ulmer Wolf German
Ulrich Wolf Ruler German
Ulprus N/A Latin
Ulysses A Form Of Odysseus Latin
Unai N/A Others
Urian From Heaven Greek
Udell Grove Of Trees English
Ulucan N/A Turkish
Ultan N/A Celtic/Gaelic
Ugo Intelligence, Spirit Italian
Umberto Color Of Earth Italian
Ulric Wolf Scandinavian
Upton High Village Egyptian