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Baby Names
Vaachaspati Vaageesh Hindu
Vachan speech Hindu
Vachaspati lordof speech Hindu
Vadin Known Lecturer Hindu
Vadiraj Vaibhav Hindu
Vadish Lord Of The Body Hindu
Vadivel Name Of Lord Shanmukha Hindu
Vadivelan Name Of Lord Shanmukha Hindu
Vadivelu Name Of Lord Shanmukha Hindu
Vagindra Lord Of Speech Hindu
Vagisa Vachan Hindu
Vagish God of speech ( Lord Brahma) Hindu
Vahin Lord Shiva Hindu
Vaibhav riches Hindu
Vaidya healer Hindu
Vaidyanaath Vaijayi Hindu
Vaijayi Victor Hindu
Vaijnath Lord shiva Hindu
Vaikartan Name Of Karna Hindu
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vaikunth Abode Of Vishnu Hindu
Vainavin Lord Shiva Hindu
Vaira Muthu Name Of Gemstones , Diamond , Pearl Hindu
Vairaj Spiritual Glory Hindu
Vairaja son of Virat Hindu
Vairat Gem Hindu
Vairavan Diamond Hindu
Vairinchya Lord BrahmaS Son Hindu
Vairochan Lord VishnuS Son Hindu
Vajasani Lord VishnuS Son Hindu
Vajendra Lord Indra Hindu
Vajra Lord Krishna's greatgrandson, diamond Hindu
Vajradhar Lord Indra Hindu
Vajrahast Lord Shiva Hindu
Vajrajit Lord Indra Hindu
Vajramani diamond Hindu
Vajrapani Lord Indra Hindu
Vajrin Lord Indra Hindu
Vakrabhuj Lord Ganesh Hindu
Valan Ingenious Hindu
Valavan Vallabh Hindu
Valin Monkey King Hindu
Vallabh beloved Hindu
Vallabhendra Vallabhesvara Hindu
Vallimayilan Name Of Lord Shanmukha Hindu
Valluvan Author Of Thirukural , Powerful Hindu
Valmik the author of the qpic Ramayana Hindu
Valmiki a hermit, author of the Ramayana Hindu
Valudhi Poetic Epithet Of the Pandya Kings Hindu
Vama Lord Shiva Hindu
Vamadev Lord Shiva Hindu
Vaman fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vamsi Name of a 'Raaga' Hindu
Van forest Hindu
Vana intelligence Hindu
Vanad Cloud Hindu
Vanadev Lord Of The Forest Hindu
Vanajit lord of the forest Hindu
Vanamalin Lord Krishna Hindu
Vandan salutation Hindu
Vanij Lord Shiva Hindu
Vaninadh Husband Of Saraswati Hindu
Vaninath Husband of Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Vansh Coming Generation Of Father Hindu
Vanshya Na Hindu
Vansidhar Lord Krishna Hindu
Varad God Of Fire Hindu
Varadraj Lord Vishnu Hindu
Varana Holy River Hindu
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir Hindu
Vardhan Lord Shiva Hindu
Varen Superior Hindu
Varesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vareshvar Lord Shiva Hindu
Varij lotus Hindu
Varin Gifts Hindu
Varindra lord of the ocean Hindu
Varish Lord Vishnu Hindu
Variyas Lord Shiva Hindu
Varun lord of the sea Hindu
Vasant spring Hindu
Vasav Lord Indra Hindu
Vasava Lord Indra Hindu
Vasishtha a sage Hindu
Vasistha name of a sage Hindu
Vasu wealth, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vasudev father of Lord Krishna Hindu
Vasudeva The father of the God Krishna Hindu
Vasudha earth Hindu
Vasuman born of fire Hindu
Vasupati rich man Hindu
Vasur Precious Hindu
Vatsa Son Hindu
Vatsal affectionate Hindu
Vayun Lively Hindu
Ved a sacred text Hindu
Vedang Part of the sacred knowledge Hindu
Vedanga meaning of Vedas, Part of the sacred knowledge Hindu
Vedavrata vow of the Vedas Hindu
Vedbhushan one adorned with knowledge of the Vedas Hindu
Vedmohan Lord Krishna Hindu
Vedprakash light of the Vedas Hindu
Veer brave Hindu
Veera the brave Hindu
Veeran Gallant , Valiant Hindu
Veerbhadra the Ashwamedha horse Hindu
Veerendra Lord of the brave Hindu
Vela Name Of Lord Shanmukha Hindu
Velan Name Of Lord Shanmukha Hindu
Ven Purave White Horse Hindu
Ven Puravi White Horse Hindu
Vendan Emperor Hindu
Vengai Tiger Hindu
Veni Lord Krishna Hindu
Venimadhav Lord Krishna Hindu
Venkatan Name Of Lord Venkateshwara Hindu
Venkatesh Lord of Venkata, a sacred hill in the Dravida country, another name for Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vetri Conquering Hindu
Vetri Vel Successful Man , Lord Muruga Hindu
Vetri Velan Successful Man , Lord Muruga Hindu
VetriVela Successful Man , Lord Muruga Hindu
Vibhakar one emitting light ( eg sun, fire) Hindu
Vibhas decoration, light Hindu
Vibhat dawn Hindu
Vibhishan a character from the epic Ramayana Hindu
Vibhu all-pervading Hindu
Vibhut Strong Hindu
Vibodh Wise Hindu
Victor Conqueror Hindu
Vidhatru Lord Shiva Hindu
Vidhesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vidhu Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vidhur Skilful, Expert, Wise, The wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet in great Indian Epic Hindu
Vidhya Wisdom, Relevant to Goddess Durga/Saraswati Hindu
Vidip Bright Hindu
Vidojas Lord Indra Hindu
Vidor Cheerful Hindu
Vidur a friend of Lord Krishna, Skilful, Expert, Wise, The wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet in great Indian Epic Hindu
Viduthalai Self-Determination , Freedom Hindu
Vidvatam Lord Shiva Hindu
Vidyacharan learned Hindu
Vidyadhar learned Hindu
Vidyaranya forest of knowledge Hindu
Vidyasagar ocean of learning Hindu
Vidyut lightning Hindu
Vighnajit Lord Ganesh Hindu
Vighnesh Lord Ganesh Hindu
Vignesh Lord Ganesh Hindu
Vignesha the god ganesh name Hindu
Vigrah Lord Shiva Hindu
Vihaan Dawn Hindu
Vihang A Bird Hindu
Vihanga bird Hindu
Vihari Lord Krishna Hindu
Vijanyendra victorious Hindu
Vijay victor Hindu
Vijayant victorious, Lord Indra Hindu
Vijayendra God Of Victory Hindu
Vijayesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vijayketu flag of victory Hindu
Vijendra victorious Hindu
Vijul a silk-cottom tree Hindu
Vijval Intelligent Hindu
Vikas development Hindu
Vikasith Developed Hindu
Vikesh the moon Hindu
Vikram bravery Hindu
Vikramaditya a famous king Hindu
Vikramajit a famous king Hindu
Vikramendra king of prowess Hindu
Vikramin Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vikrant powerful, Hindu
Vikranta brave Hindu
Viksar Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vikunth Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vilas play Hindu
Villavan Courageous Man Hindu
Vilohit Lord Shiva Hindu
Vilok to see Hindu
Vilokan gaze Hindu
Vimal pure Hindu
Vimaladitya clean sun Hindu
Vimalmani pure jewel (crystal) Hindu
Vimridh Lord Indra Hindu
Vinahast Lord Shiva Hindu
Vinay modesty Hindu
Vinayak Lord Ganesh Hindu
Vineet unassuming Hindu
Vinesh godly Hindu
Vinil Blue Hindu
Vinochan Lord Shiva Hindu
Vinod Pleasing, Happiness, Joy Hindu
Vipan sail, small trade Hindu
Vipaschit Lord Buddha Hindu
Vipin forest Hindu
Vipinbehari forest wanderer Hindu
Viplab floating, revolution Hindu
Viplav drifting about, revolution Hindu
Vipra a priest Hindu
Vipul plenty Hindu
Vir brave Hindu
Virabhadra Lord Shiva Hindu
Viraj splendour Hindu
Viral priceless Hindu
Viranath Lord Of The Brave Hindu
Virat very big Hindu
Virendar Variant of 'Virendra' Hindu
Virender Variant of 'Virendra' Hindu
Virendra brave lord, King of Warriors Hindu
Viresh brave lord Hindu
Vireshvar Lord Shiva Hindu
Virikvas Lord Indra Hindu
Virinchi Brahma Hindu
Virochan moon, fire Hindu
Virurch The Holy Trinity Hindu
Visamaksh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vishakh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vishal immense Hindu
Vishalaksh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vishantak Lord Shiva Hindu
Vishatan Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishesh special Hindu
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishnu Lord Vishnu, The protector, An important Hindu God Hindu
Vishnudev God Hindu
Vishnudutt gift of Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishram rest Hindu
Vishresh The Holy Trinity Hindu
Vishva earth,universe Hindu
Vishvadev Lord Of The Universe Hindu
Vishvadhar Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishvag Lord Brahma Hindu
Vishvahetu Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishvajit onewho conquers the universe Hindu
Vishvakarma architectof the universe Hindu
Vishvamitra A Sage Hindu
Vishvanabh Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vishvanath Lord Of The Universe Hindu
Vishvaretas Lord Brahma, Vishnu Hindu
Vishvas Faith Hindu
Vishvatma universalsoul Hindu
Vishwa earth, universe Hindu
Vishwajeet Winner of the world, Victory on the world Hindu
Vishwajit one who conquers the universe Hindu
Vishwajit Winner of the world, Victory on the world Hindu
Vishwakarma architect of the universe Hindu
Vishwalochan eyes of the universe (sun, moon) Hindu
Vishwambhar the lord Hindu
Vishwamitra a sage Hindu
Vishwanath the lord Hindu
Vishwankar creator of the universe Hindu
Vishwas faith, trust Hindu
Vishwatma universal soul Hindu
Vishwesh the lord Almighty Hindu
Vismay surprise Hindu
Viswanath godof universe Hindu
Viswas trust Hindu
Vitabhay Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vitaharya Lord Krishna Hindu
Vithala Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vitola Peaceful Hindu
Vittanath owner of money ( Kuber ) Hindu
Vittesh Lord Of Wealth Hindu
Vitthal Lord Vishnu Hindu
Vivash Bright Hindu
Vivek judgement, ability to distinguish between good & bad Hindu
Vivekanand joy of discrimination Hindu
Vivekananda joy of discrimination Hindu
Vrajakishore Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrajalal Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrajamohan Lord Kirshna Hindu
Vrajanadan Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrajesh Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrajkishore Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrajmohan Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrajraj Lord Krishna Hindu
Vratesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Vrisa Lord Krishna Hindu
Vrisag Lord Shiva Hindu
Vrisan Lord Shiva Hindu
Vrisangan Lord Shiva Hindu
Vrisapati Lord Shiva Hindu
Vrishab Excellent Hindu
Vrishank Lord Shiva Hindu
Vrishin peacock Hindu
Vrisini Lord Shiva Hindu
Vyan Air Hindu
Vyas The arranger Hindu
Vyasa the author of Mahabharata Hindu
Vyom sky, heaven, atmosphere Hindu
Vyoman Sky Hindu
Vyomdev Lord Shiva Hindu
Vyomesh Lord of the sky, cloud & water Hindu
Vafa Loyalty, Faithfulness Arabic
Vaar Times (As In A Many Times) Sikh
Vandit Revered Sikh
Var Times (As In A Many Times) Sikh
Variam Brave, Lion Sikh
Varinder Lord Of Oceans Sikh
Varinderjeet Na Sikh
Varinderpal Na Sikh
Veechar Philosophy, Extensive Reflection Sikh
Veerindar A Brave Godly Person Sikh
Vichar Philosophy, Extensive Reflection Sikh
Vijai Conquest, Victory Sikh
Vijender Triumphant (God) Sikh
Vikham Challenging, Difficult Sikh
Vikramjeet Victorious Brave Sikh
Vikramjit Victorious Brave Sikh
Vikrampal Na Sikh
Vikrampreet Na Sikh
Valentine Powerful Biblical
Vaschel Little Ash Tree Biblical
Vincent To Occupy Biblical
Vidal Vital Spanish
Varick Honorable Defender German
Vasyl Form Of William German
Vilhelm Form Of William German
Vilmos Steady German
Viho Chief American
Vinnie Derived From Vincent American
Vinny Derived From Vincent American
Valerian Potent Latin
Verne Youthful Latin
Vernon Youthful Latin
Vic Victorious Latin
Vin Victorious Latin
Vince Victorious Latin
Virgil Strong Latin
Vasilis Kingly Greek
Vernados Courage Of A Bear Greek
Vitalis Life Greek
Vance Swamp English
Vinson Son Of Vincent English
Valentino Form Of Valentin Which Means Strong Italian
Vincenzo Form Of Vincent Which Means Victor Italian
Vito Life Italian
Vittorio Conqueror Italian
Vachel Small Cow French
Varden Green Slope French
Vern Youthful French
Verrill Faithful French
Victoir Form Of Victor French
Vlad Prince Slavic
Vladimir Prince Slavic
Vahe Strong Armenian
Vanig Small Town Armenian
Vartan Giver Of Roses Armenian
Virote Power Thai
Valdemar Ruler Scandinavian
Vidar Lumberjack Scandinavian
Viet Of Vietnamese Descent Vietnamese
Vashon God Is Gracious, Merciful African-American
Venedict A Form Of Benedict African-American