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Baby Names
Yaalchelvan Pride of yaalpaanam Hindu
Yaalmani Gem of yaalpaanam Hindu
Yaalvendan Ruler of yaalpaanam Hindu
Yaaseen One of the Prophet Muhammad's names Hindu
Yadaspati Lord Varuna, Lord of marine animals Hindu
Yadav Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadavaprakasa Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadavendra Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadavesvara Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadu An ancient King Hindu
Yadukumara Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadumani Jewel of the Yadus Hindu
Yadunand Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadunandan Lord Krishna Hindu
Yadunath Lord Krishna Hindu
Yaduraj Lord Krishna Hindu
Yaduvir Lord Krishna Hindu
Yagna Ceremonial rites to God Hindu
Yahyaa a Prophet's name Hindu
Yaj a sage Hindu
Yajat Lord Shiva Hindu
Yajna Worship, an incarnation of Vishnu Hindu
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu Hindu
Yajnarup Lord Krishna Hindu
Yajnesh Lord Vishnu Hindu
Yamahil Lord Vishnu Hindu
Yamajit Lord Shiva Hindu
Yamajith Another name for Shiva Hindu
Yamal One Of A Twin Hindu
Yaman Lord Yama, god of death, Yamraj Hindu
Yamha dove Hindu
Yamir Moon Hindu
Yasaar Ease, Wealth Hindu
Yash victory, glory Hindu
Yashas Fame Hindu
Yashodev Lord of fame Hindu
Yashodhan rich in fame Hindu
Yashodhar one who has gained fame Hindu
Yashodhara one who has achieved fame Hindu
Yashovarman N/A Hindu
Yashpal protector of fame Hindu
Yashwant one who has achieved glory Hindu
Yasir Wealthy Hindu
Yatin ascetic Hindu
Yatindra Lord Indra Hindu
Yatiraja King of ascetics Hindu
Yatisa Lord of ascetics Hindu
Yatish Lord of devotees Hindu
Yayin Lord Shiva Hindu
Yazeed To increase, Grow, Enhance Hindu
Yoganand Delighted with meditation Hindu
Yogendra God of Yoga, Another name for Lord Shiva Hindu
Yogesh god of Yoga, Lord Shiva Hindu
Yogi Devotee Hindu
Yoginder God of Yoga, Another name for Lord Shiva Hindu
Yogisa Lord of Yogis, Lord Krishna Hindu
Yogit Planner Hindu
Yoonus a Prophet's name Hindu
Yoosuf a Prophet's name Hindu
Yudhajit victor in war Hindu
Yudhishtar Eldest among the Pandavas Brothers Hindu
Yudhishthir Eldest Pandava Brother Hindu
Yudhisthir firm in battle Hindu
Yudishtra firm in battle Hindu
Yugandhar celestial god Hindu
Yugma Twins, zodiac sign of Gemini Hindu
Yukta Attentive, skillful Hindu
Yuval Brook Hindu
Yuvaraj prince, heir apparent Hindu
Yuvraj a prince Hindu
Yuyutsu eager to fight Hindu
Yaghoub A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yahya Name Of A Prophet Arabic
Yahyah A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yakta Single, Unique, Matchless, Incomparable Arabic
Yaqin Certainty, Assurance, Truth, Confidence, Trust Arabic
Yaqoob A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yaqoot Ruby, Garnet Arabic
Yaqub Jacob Arabic
Yardan King Arabic
Yasar Wealth, Ease Arabic
Yaseen One Of MuhammedS Names Arabic
Yashar Persian Azarbayjani Origin Meaning Lives For Ever Arabic
Yasin One Of MuhammadS Names Arabic
Yasser Wealth, Ease Arabic
Yazdan Merciful, Kind Arabic
Yazeed God Will Increase Arabic
Yazid Increasing Arabic
Yoonus A ProphetS Name Arabic
Youssef Arabic Form Of "Joseph", A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yousuf The Beautiful, A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yunus A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yusef Arabic Form Of "Joseph", A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yushua God Saves Arabic
Yusuf Chosen By God, The Beautiful, A ProphetS Name Arabic
Yadbir Memorable Sikh
Yadveer Memorable Sikh
Yadvinder Lord, God Sikh
Yadvir Memorable Sikh
Yashbir Glorious Brave Sikh
Yashdeep The Light Of Glory Sikh
Yashdev God Of Glory Sikh
Yashdip The Light Of Glory Sikh
Yashpaal One Who Protects Sikh
Yashveer Blorious Brave Sikh
Yuvrani Princess Sikh
Yaakov One Who Supplants Biblical
Yadid Beloved Biblical
Yagil Celebrate Biblical
Yannis Gift Of God Biblical
Yaphet Handsome Biblical
Yaron Singing Biblical
Yehuda Praise, Exalt Biblical
Yehudah Exalt Biblical
Yehudi A Man From Judah, A Jew Biblical
Yered To Come Down Biblical
Yeshaya God Lends Biblical
Yitro Plenty Biblical
Yonah Derives From Jonah Biblical
Yosef Form Of Joseph Biblical
Yosefu Derives From Joseph Biblical
Yanis GodS Gift Hebrew
Yarin To Understand Hebrew
Yaro Son African
Yerodin Studious African
Yago Form Of James Spanish
Yaholo One Who Yells American
Yahto Blue American
Yanisin Ashamed American
Yuma Son Of The Chief American
York From The Yew Tree Latin
Yuri Derived From Uriah Others
Yasuo Peaceful One Japanese
Yo Cultivating Japanese
Yoshi Quiet Japanese
Yukio Gets What He Wants Japanese
Yannick N/A French
Yves Archer French
Yvon Male A Form Of Yvonne French
Yakov Supplanter Slavic
Yorick A Form Of George Scandinavian
Ye Light Chinese
Yul Past The Horizon Chinese