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Baby Names
Zaafir Zaahid Hindu
Zahin Zaid Hindu
Zahir Zakariya Hindu
Zaiden Zeeshan Hindu
Zakir Zakiy Hindu
Zamir Zarir Hindu
Zarir golden Hindu
Zev Zayd Hindu
Zikomo Zulfikar Hindu
Zohar Light, Brilliance Hindu
Zulfikar a double-edged sword Hindu
Zaahid Abstemious, Ascetic Arabic
Zaahir Bright, Shining Arabic
Zabit Governor, Master, Possessor Arabic
Zafar The Best Arabic
Zafeer Of Firm And Resolute Intention, Victorious, Successful Arabic
Zafir Victorious Arabic
Zaheer Blooming, Shining, Luminous , Ally, Protector Arabic
Zahi Bright And Shining Arabic
Zahid Self Denying Or Ascetic Arabic
Zahid Saintly Arabic
Zahir Blooming, Shining, Luminous , Ally, Protector Arabic
Zahur Flower Arabic
Zaid Superabundance Arabic
Zaim Brigadier General Arabic
Zain Good Light Arabic
Zakariya Remembering God Arabic
Zakariyya A ProphetS Name Arabic
Zaki Intelligent Arabic
Zakiy Pure Arabic
Zakiyy Pure Arabic
Zameer Mind, Heart, Thought, Reflection, Sense Arabic
Zamin Another Name For God, Biased, Security Arabic
Zarif Elegant, Graceful Arabic
Zavian Bright Arabic
Zavier Bright Arabic
Zayd Superabundance Arabic
Zayid Increasing, Growing Arabic
Zehab Gold Arabic
Zehn Acumen, Wit, Sagacity, Understanding Arabic
Zemar Lion Arabic
Zhalah Hail, Dew, Frost Arabic
Zharf Deep, Penetrating, Acute Of Mind Arabic
Zia Light, Splendor, Brilliancy, Ziyad Arabic
Zihayr Brilliant, Shining Arabic
Zikr Another Name For The Quran, Reminder, Mention Arabic
Zimra "Song Of Praise" Arabic
Ziya Light, Splendor, Brilliancy, Ziyad Arabic
Ziyad Superabundance Arabic
Zubair Pure Arabic
Zuber Strong Arabic
Zufar Lion, Brave Person, Army, Flowing River Arabic
Zuhair Bright Arabic
Zuhayr Bright Arabic
Zukr Another Name For God, Pile, Treasury Arabic
Zail Scope Sikh
Zorawar Mighty Brave Sikh
Zach Remembrance Of The Lord Biblical
Zachariah Remembered By The Lord Biblical
Zachary Remembrance Of The Lord Biblical
Zack Remembrance Of The Lord Biblical
Zalman Peaceful & Quiet Biblical
Zan Well Fed Biblical
Zared Trap Biblical
Zavad Present Biblical
Zebulon Exalted/Honored Biblical
Zed God Is Fair Biblical
Zedekiah God Is Fair Biblical
Zeke Strength Of God Biblical
Ziv Very Bright Biblical
Zubin To Honor Biblical
Zakai Innocent, One Who Is Pure Hebrew
Zaid Increase, Growth African
Zareb Guardian African
Zesiro First Born Of Twins African
Zulu Heaven African
Zarek May God Protect The King Persian
Zelig The Blessed One German
Zani N/A Others
Zorion Happy Others
Zaccheus Innocent Greek
Zander From Alexander Greek
Zeno Sign Greek
Zeus Powerful One Greek
Zeheb Gold Turkish
Zanebono The Good One Italian
Zbigniew To Get Rid Of Anger Polish
Zareh Protector Armenian
Zeroun Respected, Wise Armenian
Zeshawn God Is Gracious, Merciful African-American
Zajzon N/A Hungarian
ZaláN Thrower, Hitter Hungarian
ZáMor Plough-Land Hungarian
Zoltan Life Hungarian
Zoltin Life Hungarian