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 The best gift to your child is a good name.
Baby Names
Obalesh Lord Shiva Hindu
Ogan Wave Hindu
Oha Meditation, true knowledge Hindu
Ohas Praise Hindu
Ojas lustre Hindu
Ojayit Courageous Hindu
Om the sacred syllable Hindu
Om Prakash The light of creation, Light of the essence of life Hindu
Oma Life giver Hindu
Omanand joy Of Om Hindu
Omar an era Hindu
Omarjeet Lord of OM Hindu
Omeed Hope Hindu
Omesh Lord of the Om Hindu
Omeshwar Lord of the Om Hindu
Omid Hope Hindu
Omja born of cosmic unity Hindu
Omkar the sound of the sacred syllable Hindu
Omkarnath Shiva Hindu
Ompati Master of OM Hindu
Omprakash light of God Hindu
Omrao king, noble Hindu
Omswaroop manifestation of divinity Hindu
Omswarup like Om Hindu
Oni Shelter Hindu
Oojam enthusiasm Hindu
Oorjit powerful, strong Hindu
Opinder Proximity to God Hindu
Oppilan Peerless gem Hindu
Oppilmani Purest of gems Hindu
Orang A throne, Wisdom, Understanding, Beauty Hindu
Oren Ash Tree Hindu
Ori Charitable king Hindu
Orion Son of Fire Hindu
Orman Seaman Hindu
Osho Dear Hindu
Osman salve of God Hindu
Ottakoothan Poet Name Hindu
Ottakoothan Poet Hindu
Oviyan Artist Hindu
Omari Version Of Omar Arabic
Omeed Hope Arabic
Omeir Long Living Arabic
Omid Hope Arabic
Omran Solid Structure Arabic
Omrao King Arabic
Onslow Hill Of The Passionate One Arabic
Orang Wisdom, Understanding Arabic
Osama Lion-Like Arabic
Osman Tender Youth Arabic
Ossama One Of The Names Of The Lion Arabic
Omaha A Person In Great Joy, Rapture Sikh
Onkar LordS Name Sikh
Oopajai Dwell, Reside Sikh
Oded Strong Biblical
Ornice Cedar Tree Biblical
Oringo He Who Likes The Hunt African
Otieno Born At Night African
Onofre Defender Of Peace Spanish
Orlando Land Of Gold Spanish
Oro Gold Spanish
Ovidio Shepherd Spanish
Ormand Serpent German
Otto Wealthy German
Odakota Friend American
Ohanzee Shadow American
Octavio The Eighth Latin
Octavious Eighth Latin
Oliver Olive Tree- Peace Latin
Oral Speaker, Word Latin
Orsen From The Name Orson Latin
Orsin Bear Latin
Orson A Bear Latin
Ovid Egg Shaped Latin
Odion First Of Twins Others
Octavius The Eighth Greek
Odysseus Full Of Wrath Greek
Ollie From The Name Oliver Greek
Orestes Mountain Man Greek
Osias Salvation Greek
Othello Prosperous Greek
Otis One Who Hears Well Greek
Ogden From The Valley Of Oaks English
Ogilvy From The High Peak English
Orrick Venerable Oak English
Orrin River English
Osgood Goth Of The Heavens English
Osmond Godly Protector English
Osric Divine Ruler English
Ossie GodS Divine Power English
Oswald God Of The Forest English
Ozzie GodS Divine Power English
Ozzy GodS Divine Power English
Okan N/A Turkish
Onan Wealthy Turkish
Owen Born To Nobility Celtic/Gaelic
Odil Rich French
Orville Golden City French
Oleg Sacred Slavic
Olaf Ancestor Scandinavian
Osborn Bear Of God Scandinavian
Osbourne Born From A Bear Scandinavian
Oscar Accurate Spearsman Scandinavian
On Peace Chinese
OdoN Keeper Of The Fief Hungarian
Odon Wealthy Protector Hungarian
Oguz Arrow Hungarian